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Thieves Tried to Steal Credit Cards from Nordstrom

When you think of the name Nordstrom, what comes to mind?  A large department store, with valuable products at fair prices? Crowds pushing and squeezing their way to critical mass as the last few items left on the sales rack are … More »

Square Cash – A Money Transfer Game Changer?

While all the details are not fully understood yet, and only a select few Square members are allowed to try it, Square Cash was announced by the company as a way to send money to people.  The process will allow … More »

People Keep Credit Cards Safe – Technology Only Helps

Does your staff know how to protect sensitive data such as credit cards at your locations? With the advent of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI), people have put numerous technologies in place to meet the PCI standards … More »

There Is More to PCI Than Your POS Software

There is an ugly truth in the world if you process your credit cards through your POS software.  Businesses that fall under this model must understand that software alone, even if it meets the PCI requirements as dictated by  PA-DSS (Payment Application Data … More »