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MasterCard EMV Announcement – The Reality

In 2011, Visa announced a plan to introduce the Europay MasterCard Visa standard (EMV) to the US market, and to do so, they determined that they should incentivize large retailers to hop on board.  With that in mind they created … More »

People Are Getting Excited About Wireless Payments…Again

For the past 4 or 5 years, we have been hearing about the exciting new world of wireless payments.  For the most part, the discussion has been centered around making payments from a mobile device (cell phone for the most … More »

Will Credit Card EMV Be Skipped in the US?

There is little argument that magnetic stripe cards which are the standard credit cards in the United States have a serious security vulnerability.  If you manage to get a hold of the credit card or the data on the magnetic … More »

Why Credit Card Systems Will Always Be in Scope

There is a growing trend in the retail industry for some merchants and some technology providers to hope that someday the PCI standard will give guidance that says, “If you implement this new silver bullet, your systems will be completely out … More »