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Don’t Be Afraid of the Girl with A Dragon Tattoo

 It amazes me that companies like ours have spent numerous years fighting cybercriminals and doing our best to educate people about real hackers who have successfully stolen countless terabytes of sensitive data, only to have a book / movie open … More »

Why Credit Card Systems Will Always Be in Scope

There is a growing trend in the retail industry for some merchants and some technology providers to hope that someday the PCI standard will give guidance that says, “If you implement this new silver bullet, your systems will be completely out … More »

Michaels – crafts, gifts, and credit card theft

Michaels Stores announced on May 10th that approximately 90 stores in 20 cities might have been compromised by thieves who either tampered with or substituted their PIN pads at their stores.  At the time of this posting, the Irving based … More »

If A Security Solution Sounds Too Good To Be True…..

Many companies are not afraid to “stretch” the truth when it comes to the services they offer and the benefits derived from their services.  We have seen unbelievable claims such as, “With this solution, you can ignore PCI completely,” or … More »