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Could your restaurant survive a 15% decrease in business?

The question we field more than any other when talking to small merchants is, “Who is making me become PCI compliant?”  The answer is too complicated to simply point at one entity and say, “It’s this guy, right here.”  In … More »

Citigroup has joined the fraternity of shame

The past few months have been a slap to the face to many large businesses.  In the news, we have been following Sony’s big breach (with several smaller ones following), Michaels debit terminal debacale, and now we can confirm that … More »

The Forensic Audit – What to Expect

Since our inception, we have never had a customer who was being protected by our security services breached.  On several occasions, we have acquired customers who were breached before they came on board, and now they are rushing to meet … More »

It did not take long for Michael’s to feel the heat

There are times when being right is no comfort at all.  We predicted that Michael’s would be involved with legal action due to its breach, and it did not take long for people to seek a class action lawsuit against … More »