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Will CIO’s Be the Final Victim After a Breach

In the wake of their breach, Target announced on March 5, 2014 that their CIO, Beth Jacob was announcing her resignation.  In December of 2013, Target announced to the public that it had been the victim of a cyber crime resulting in the … More »

Does Your Call for Help Bring Hackers to Your Door?

As a security company, we often have customers who call into our support center to either allow or disallow some kind of computer traffic.  This is the nature protecting people from the Internet, and there is nothing unusual about it. However, there is … More »

Internet Explorer 8 – People Still Love It, But There’s a Problem

Microsoft has confirmed that Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) has a “Zero Day Vulnerability” that has already been exploited to enable the compromise of computer systems.  This is a technical way of saying that the issue with IE8 is currently unpatched, and … More »

Universal Plug n Play – New Report on an Old Problem

In the dark ages of personal computers (1980′s and 90′s), you either needed to be a computer geek or have access to one if you wanted any device to work with your computer.  You had to go through a complicated … More »