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Can Your Point of Sale Be Compliant after the End of Microsoft XP?

Windows XP has had a good run.  It first came out in 2001, and in April of 2014, Microsoft will retire the operating system.  This means that software patches and support will no longer be available

Network Detecting Architecture Sets VendorSafe Apart

For years, our customers have benefited from the network technology that VendorSafe has developed which makes our solutions unique to the industry. One of those technologies is our Network Detecting Architecture which allows our technicians to guide a non-technical staff … More »

POS System Hackers Are Caught and Prosecuted

Subway has been the subjet of intensive scrutiny and media attention since it came to light that their POS system was found to be vulnerable and that several credit cards had been electronically stolen from them by an overseas crime syndicate.

PCI Compliance – Take a Step Back

Too many people see PCI compliance as a checklist – Something to get done by checking “yes” next to the questions in the appropriate Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ).  These same people are spending money on technology to help them meet each … More »