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Does Your Call for Help Bring Hackers to Your Door?

As a security company, we often have customers who call into our support center to either allow or disallow some kind of computer traffic.  This is the nature protecting people from the Internet, and there is nothing unusual about it. However, there is … More »

Balancing Privacy and Security

In the wake of the most recent terrorist bombing in Boston, it is easy to understand why some people would be willing to sacrifice a few liberties to the government in favor of more security.  A common train of thought is that … More »

If You Use a Point of Sale System, a New Attack Has Been Discovered

During the Christmas holidays, families across America were anxiously awaiting the day of merriment and joy when they could rip open their presents, spend time with family, and watch football on the couch while recovering from a feast fit for … More »

Identity Theft Arms Race

Remote access has long been touted as one of the most vulnerable practices in retail. Poor security in this area is tantamount to inviting a computer hacker to sit down in your store and asking him to steal your sensitive … More »