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Restaurant data breach highlights vulnerabilities

To help restaurants better protect themselves from a payment-card data breach, partnered with VendorSafe Technologies to publish the guide, "Frequently Asked Questions About PCI Compliance."

Proactive Scalable PCI Compliance Solution to Secure Credit Card Transactions

VendorSafe Technologies supports small business owners in achieving and maintaining PCI compliance, by securing credit card transactions.

Fast Casual and Vendor Safe release PCI FAQ

A credit card data breach can put a restaurant operator out of business. PCI compliance can help avoid these breaches, but it's only one part of the security process. This guide discusses how to ensure compliance.

Capriotti's Sandwich Company Selects Vendor Safe Technologies

Capriotti's Sandwich Company Selects Vendor Safe Technologies' PCI Compliance Solutions to secure credit card transactions

Free Webinar on PCI Compliance 2.0

Vendor Safe Technologies and will present a webinar May 3 addressing changes to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and its impact on restaurant operations.

Squirrel Systems Recommends Vendor Safe Technologies

Squirrel Systems recommends VST as solution provider of PCI Compliance and Payment Card Security for Global Hospitality Clients.

Dairy Queen Selects Vendor Safe Technologies

American Dairy Queen Corporation (ADQ) selects VST as its endorsed and preferred PCI compliance provider.

Digital Dining Selects Vendor Safe Technologies

Digital Dining selects VST for PCI Compliance on new DD Guard product.

XPIENT Solutions Partners with Vendor Safe Technologies

Leading solutions vendor selects Vendor Safe to deliver a simplified, low-cost PCI DSS compliance solution to clients.

VST Presents at National Restaurant Association Study Group

Tracy Libertino, Vice President - Professional Services, speaks on the Perils of IT Recovery after Natural Disasters and Terroristic Occurrences.

VST Security Expert Addresses Industry Forum

Brad Cyprus, Senior Security Architect, educates convenience store owners on PCI Compliance at Spring Symposium.

VST Presents at International Self Storage Convention & Exposition

Tracy Libertino, Vice President - Professional Services, provides expert advice on PCI Compliance to SSA audience.

Pinnacle Partners with Vendor Safe Technologies

New partnership with Vendor Safe will enable Pinnacle's convenience store and fuel retailer customers achieve PCI-DSS compliance.

Vendor Safe Technologies Secures Sinclair Oil Retail Outlets

Vendor Safe selected to support Sinclair Oil's initiative to achieve PCI-DSS compliance across its network of convenience stores.

Vendor Safe's New LAN Scribe™ Workstation Logging

Vendor Safe introduces its new LAN Scribe Logging solution that provides local area network event logging and notification for critical file inspection and other security related events.

Convenience Stores Get Fast, Full-Service PCI Compliance with Vendor Safe

Vendor Safe introduces its proven, comprehensive PCI compliance solution to convenience stores and fuel retailers.

Vendor Safe’s New PCI Compliance Reporting Suite™

Automates and simplifies PCI Reporting to provide a one-stop-shop of Our Business is Protecting Your Business for Level 4 SAQ A, B, C, and D merchants.

Back Bay Restaurant Group Selects Vendor Safe To Provide PCI Managed Security Services

Deploying VST’s unique PCI compliance program within 30 days was a key motivator.

Tracy Libertino, Retail-Restaurant PCI Compliance Expert, Joins Vendor Safe

We are very proud to have Tracy Libertino join the Vendor Safe Family!

Brad Cyprus Appointed to PCI Knowledgebase Panel of Experts

Our thanks go out to Brad Cyprus, Senior Security Architect, who's tireless work over the years has lead him to sit on the Panel of Experts at the PCI Knowledgebase. Way to go Brad! Vendor Safe’s New PCI Managed Security Suite™ Gives Restaurants and Merchants a Single Source for Rapid, Low-Cost Credit Card Fraud Prevention PCI Security Suite setup accelerates PCI compliance to within 30 days.