VendorSafe Technologies

Network Protection — Use the Internet with confidence while knowing that your credit cards are safe.

Wireless Network Security

Secure Hardware with firewall provided as part of the package.

Real Time Monitoring

24 x 7 firewall traffic logs are retained with critical alerts generating messages.

Securely access your locations

Web portal connects you to your protected systems.

Central Firewall Management

The most efficient way to change system configurations. Updates and changes happen on-demand and simultaneously.

Rogue Device Manager™

Detect / block unauthorized computers from accessing your critical server or the Internet.

Forced Configuration Manager™

An automated access controller that validates the configuration of a computer before allowing remote access including active and up-to-date anti-virus.

Next Business Day Replacement

If our firewall fails, we replace it overnight at no additional cost.

Secure Site-to-Site communication

Connect to all your locations for reporting or management purposes without burdening your IT staff.

No hidden fees

Moves, adds and changes are not charged extra.

Security to separate your point of sale system

Keep systems like jukeboxes and DVRs away from your Point of Sale system without reconfiguring your network.

Wireless Access Point Detection

Scans to determine if an unexpected wireless access point has been added to your network without your knowledge or permission.

Penetration Testing Guide

Internal Vulnerability Scan along with penetration testing expertise and guidelines. Our proprietary system completes its scanning without adding any software or hardware device to your network.

Auto Dialup Failover

Secondary Internet connection that is initiated automatically without human intervention if the primary Internet connection suffers a failure. Once the primary connection is restored, communication is automatically rerouted to use it.