Netsurion offers a wide variety of services designed to fulfill all of your company’s data security needs. We invite you to explore each and every feature to determine the best fit for you. If you have any questions or need help analyzing your companies needs, please contact a member of our sales team at 713.929.0200 – Option 1 and we can discuss our products and features with you more thoroughly.


Product Description

Local event logging and file integrity monitoring software developed by Netsurion to specifically meet the workstation logging and file monitoring requirements of PCI. LANScribe was designed to help manage the endless sea of log data by looking at only critical alerts while helping to manage critical file changes in near real time.

Industry Need

Security experts agree that log examination and monitoring critical files that change can be instrumental in preventing hackers and malware from successfully stealing data. The problem most people face is that their environments are highly distributed, the amount of raw data generated per day is overwhelming, and traditional log aggregation systems are expensive to deploy in terms of costs and time. Hackers can use any computer system in a Point of Sale environment to launch an attack whose goal is to steal credit cards, but If you cannot sift through the correct log data in a timely fashion, then you will be unaware of their activity until it is too late.

The retail industry was looking for a purpose built solution that was designed from the start to comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) that would be simple to install across an entire organization, could aggregate critical data to simply the examination process, and that could be customized as necessary to look for business specific events. In response to the gap of available solutions, Netsurion developed LANScribe, to meet the needs of retailers who wanted insight into their Point of Sale systems.

What separates LANScribe from other tools is that when we created the software, we took the requirements of the PCI DSS and developed a streamlined package that could deliver services to fulfill the standard without burdening our customers with a wide range of additional features that are irrelevant to maintaining compliance. When it comes to a simplified and expedited logging solution for PCI, nothing in the industry can compete with LANScribe.

Managed Networking

Product Description

At the heart of great network security is a firewall configured by an expert. When Netsurion deploys our firewalls, there is minimal effort on your part thanks to our patented installation technology. Our firewalls are centrally managed and monitored 24X7, so you can get help when you need it most. By selecting Netsurion, you are taking the proper steps towards securing your data and your business.

Industry Need

Firewalls are the barrier between your network and the Internet. In the aftermath of most breaches, investigators inevitably find poorly configured firewalls that could have prevented the data loss if they had been configured differently. This has been especially true of the retail industry and organizations attempting to manage their own site to site VPN.

Firewalls can prevent hackers from entering a network by blocking incoming traffic from the Internet, and they are equally critical at blocking out bound traffic from internal systems that have been compromised by malware. Correctly stopping unwanted traffic while allowing business critical communication is difficult, and with the ever changing security concerns that come to light after new exploits are discovered, it is understandable why many organizations cannot keep up with the criminals. Netsurion's managed firewall service, was designed to assist businesses who want the best firewall solution possible without having to staff a team of fulltime network experts.

When selecting a managed firewall solution from Netsurion, you get a company with more than 24 years of experience managing network security, and our managed services include the features you would expect from a best in class solution. We provide: the firewall, hardware replacement, security policy management, qualify of service (QoS), intrusion detection services (IDS), remote installation, centralized management, network segmentation, policy templates, whitelist management, and bandwidth monitoring, repair, & resolution. You tell us your needs, and we supply the installation and engineering necessary to meet your goals, whether you are looking for a VPN, simplified communication, our robust network security. Netsurion gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that experts are managing the device that separates your business from the Internet.

Advanced Wireless

Product Description

As people and devices are becoming more connected to the Internet, your customers will expect that they will be able to wireless communicate while they are in your business. Furthermore, wireless technology is shaping the future of retail. Netsurion's advanced wireless solutions have the features to meet your business needs regardless of the size of your operations.

Industry Need

Businesses are coming to grips with the fact that they must have wireless communication in order to stay competitive in the future. In retail, businesses are looking to meet the needs of their customers who expect to be able to access the Internet while shopping or sitting down in a restaurant. These same retailers are also embracing mobile point of sale solutions to improve the shopping experience or expedite the checkout process. Furthermore, wireless communication opens up the possibility of gathering retail analytics about the presence and activity of customers in a way that has never been possible using other technologies. Enterprises are embracing wireless communication to simplify their network access and improve operational efficiency. Wireless communication allows employees and customers to roam throughout the business while remaining connected, but with such freedom comes the added burden of network security.

Wireless analytics can tell you how often someone comes into your store, how long they stayed, and where in your store they traveled. When you embrace this kind of technology, you need to rely upon a company who knows how to provide you with the means to use this data in an intelligent manner while never losing sight that the privacy of your customers is paramount to keeping their trust. Netsurion has the experience and the expertise to guide you through developing an analytics program that will benefit you without damaging your reputation in the eyes of your customers.

Also, wireless networks can potentially expose sensitive data from your systems especially if you are using wireless in a retail environment. You need a security company who not only understands how to configure your devices to meet your operational goals, but who can protect your business at the same time. Netsurion is at its core is a security company, and all of our wireless solutions consider the security impact to your business before we move forward with any deployment.

When you make Netsurion your wireless partner you get a wide range of products to meet your individual needs. Our services can include: Wireless equipment, hardware replacement, power over Ethernet options, seamless roaming, wireless meshing, advanced wireless access point detection and rogue prevention, central management, 24 x 7 monitoring and support, wireless analytics, and the expertise you need to be successful.

PCI Validation Services

Product Description

Netsurion Offers a full suite of PCI Compliance solutions that are designed to help a merchant, regardless of size, manage their PCI compliance. Our solutions are more than just scans and reports. We have the operational and security offerings that will lessen the burden of PCI, and we guarantee our security with $100,000 (per location).

Industry Need

As a retailer, how do you know that your business will not be featured on the news tomorrow as being the victim of a computer breach that resulted in the loss of thousands of credit cards? Once the media frenzy clears, you could still be held responsible for the fraudulent transactions that resulted from the theft, and you could face punitive actions from your merchant bank or the credit card companies. However, all of this pales in comparison to the loss of business and reputation that inevitably follows a breach.

PCI was the creation of the major credit card companies to help ensure that sensitive payment data was kept out of the hands of thieves. Merchants must be PCI compliant if they accept credit cards, according to the payment brands, but many organizations find the standard too challenging for their internal resources to manage properly. This is where Netsurion steps in and helps organizations meet the challenges posed by PCI.

Netsurion has numerous packages and security offerings to simplify PCI compliance and with our vast experience managing security, we can help you choose the package which is right for your organization. We have firewall security options along with the scans necessary to test your environment for gaps. We also help you with training and operational procedures, including logging and secure remote access. When it comes to Netsurion packages, we have the resources you need to manage a security program that will either meet or exceed all of the technical requirements of PCI.

Cloud Based E-mail Security

Product Description

Netsurion's cloud based service delivers inbound and outbound anti-spam, anti-virus blocking, malware blocking, and policy enforcement so that you can control your e-mail security without adding any software or hardware to your environment.

Industry Need

The Internet is one of the most important tools businesses use today, and while it has simplified the process of communicating with one another, it has also introduced security threats. Today, you need to protect where you browse and what you download, but more importantly you have to manage what e-mail you send and receive. Hackers are using e-mail to spread their malware and steal data from within your network, and businesses are looking for solutions that protect their interests while requiring minimal configuration and administration. Furthermore, many industries have a governance requirement for archiving e-mail so that communication history can be recreated. This further takes resources and administration which often taxes IT departments that are already overburdened.

With Netsurion, we provide our customers with a fully managed e-mail security platform that does not require any software or hardware to be added to your network. Administration is in the cloud, and our experts can help configure the security you need to protect your businesses.

After signing up with our Cloud Based E-mail Security you will benefit from outbound and inbound anti-spam and anti-virus protection. You will also be able to create inbound and outbound rules dictating what type of attachments and what types of data (such as social security numbers or credit card numbers) that you will allow to pass through your systems. In addition, with Netsurion, you receive redundancy in your e-mail infrastructure. If you experience a failure in your e-mail server, we will spool incoming e-mail on your behalf. Once you restore your systems, we will automatically send you the e-mail we have been gathering. Lastly, we have an archiving data storage option that allows you to retain historical e-mails to comply with government regulations or your own policies. Since all of our e-mail services are in the cloud, there is nothing to add to your network before you can benefit from our solutions.

Feature Explanations

SAQuick Questionnaire

An online questionnaire is provided to track and certify compliance. This feature allows franchisees to easily complete the Self-Assessment Questionnaire and Attestation of Compliance required for PCI-DSS.

Vulnerability Scans

This feature offers compliant scanning to constantly identify weaknesses. External scanning is available with this Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV) Program.

Report Generator

With this element, both current and historical real-time compliance reports are easily generated. The report generator also provides SAQ and scan reports as needed.

Feature Explanations

Netsurion Logging Solution

Our solution includes tracking activity by administrative accounts, tracking of audit trails, invalid logical access attempts, logins and creation or deletion of system level objects.

Critical File Monitoring

Enumerates when critical files are updated, sends data pertinent to modification such as time and user, configurable to match a file type or directory.

Web-Based User Interface / Dashboard

Hierarchical view organized by owner, business, location, and machine.

  • View Critical Log Data - Quick, in-depth audit views
  • Ability to view event details - Ability to view events by time frame
  • No hardware required at location
  • Automatic updates
  • Bridge Heading- Allows agent without Internet access, to communicate through a single agent.

Feature Explanations


The hardware network device that limits traffic on a network and provides security.

Hardware Replacement

For the initial term of the contract, Netsurion will replace the firewall in the event of a failure at no additional cost for up to three incidents.

Security Policy Management

The creation and ongoing maintenance of the firewall configuration.

Quality of Service (QOS)

Limiting bandwidth so that high priority services have sufficient Internet access.

Intrusion Detection Services (IDS)

Security service that recognizes and prevents specific attack methods from illegally gaining access to a location.

Remote Installation

Method that allows for Netsurion technicians to guide non-technical staff through the process of deploying a firewall over the phone utilizing Netsurion’s Service Model. This is based on Netsurion’s proprietary network detecting architecture, and in most cases, it can be implemented without changing any local network addresses.

Centralized Firewall Management

Consolidated management system so that changes, monitoring, and controls can be administered within a single system.

Network Segmentation (upon request)

Separating sensitive systems from less critical ones so that they can co-exist within a location without compromising security.

Firewall Policy Templates

Security management control that enables an owner with more than one location to synchronize firewall policies across locations.

Whitelist (up to 30 URL's)

Specifically allowed addresses that will not be blocked by the firewall, independent of other policy specific restrictions.

Bandwidth Monitoring, Repair & Resolution

Electronic monitoring of the Customer's broadband connection and the timely contacting of the Customer's broadband supplier for notification and repair purposes should the Customer's broadband connection be lost. This assumes that Customer has provided Netsurion the account information necessary to initiate a trouble ticket with the broadband provider.

Feature Explanations

Customized Acceptable Use Policy

Before allowing a customer on-line access, you have the option of bringing up a web page which details the acceptable use policy of your organization. Users are forced to either accept the policy or be denied access. While we have standard boiler plate language our customers are welcome to use, we offer you the ability to specify what your acceptable use policy says, so that it reflects your own core values.

URL Redirection

When providing Internet access to the public, you have the option of forcing users to initially browse to a specific web page (regardless of the page they originally attempted to load). This provides you with the means to inform people of daily specials, marketing initiatives, or other important information that you want your customers to know.

Splash Page Capability

When customers first access your wireless environment, you are in charge of what they see before you allow them to browse to the Internet. With Netsurion's Advanced Wireless service, this first page (known as a splash page) can be customized with your logo, and it can be designed to match the look and feel of your existing web pages.

Seamless Roaming Between Devices

The key part to mobility is being able to freely move throughout your location. With our Advanced Wireless services, your users are able to move from one side of your business to the other without experiencing a loss of performance even as they switch between access points. This is a crucial factor when planning a mobile point of sale system, handheld inventory devices, or a roving workforce.

Centrally Managed & Monitored

As a fully managed service, you are able to decide how your wireless devices will behave and perform at multiple locations. If you need to make a change, we are able to implement your requests from our network operations center, one time, without having to physically change each access point under management. This allows you to have the fastest change control process in the industry while maintaining a constant wireless environment throughout your brand.

Optional Power over Ethernet

Our Advanced Wireless services have numerous configuration options including how to supply power. You can chose to plug a device in using standard power outlets, or you can choose a PoE configuration. PoE allows you to simplify the efforts needed to mount an access point as well as lower the cost to deploy one.

Optional Onsite Installation

If you need help with the physical deployment of our access points, Netsurion can leverage our field service deployment offering whereby we send a technician to you who will perform the mounting of the access point as well as the cabling necessary for it to function.